Biomechanics Coaching

 The science is divided into two areas of study: extrinsic and intrinsic biomechanics.

Extrinsic Biomechanics looks at movements on the outside of the body, the measurement of those movements or tasks, and then establishes the most efficient way to maximise those movements and ultimately improve sports performance. It is an important science that is relevant to any sport, fitness or work-related physical conditioning.

Intrinsic Biomechanics, on the other hand, is the study of how the body is able to perform those tasks or movements in relation to the individual’s mechanical make-up in the inside of the body.

What is it?

Biomechanics is the study of the human body, the body’s mechanics, and how it moves in mechanical terms.
Biomechanics coaching is a full body M.O.T. I will be assessing your body’s movement to identify areas of weakness that may be stopping you from performing.

The process starts with an in depth screening of your pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees, feet and nerves. This will then give me the background information on what to do next so a full conditioning programme will be designed to your specific needs.

Anybody can benefit from a biomechanics coaching session. Below is a list of clients that are already benefitting form biomechanics coaching.

Arthritic Conditions
Joint Replacements (Strengthening) pre/post
Injury Prevention
Peak Performance
Core Stability Strength Testing
Improve Mobility/Flexibility
Back Ache
Sciatic Nerve Issues
Paralympic Dressage Riders

Sports Club Sport Specific Strengthening


The above photo is an evening with Darren Bettison and Sophie Wells Mbe to a sell out group of equestrians.


Practical demonstrations form an important part of these sport specific sessions.