Sports Massage Therapy


Wether you’re an office worker, a soon to be mum or a marathon runner sports massage therapy can be a great aid. At Darren Bettison Wellbeing Service we will work together to get the results you want. It’s hard to find the right pressure; often its too light, and sometimes its a little too much. I aim to meet your needs and can work as light as a feather, or as heavy as you can handle.

The benefits of regular massage

Massage can help prevent injuries.

Reduce swelling.


Restore mobility to injured muscle tissue.

Improves circulation.

Reduces muscular tension.

Helps with pain management and will boost performance.

Can extend the life of your work or sporting career.

Removal of built up waste products within tissue.

My clinic is held at Fitness Flex in Mansfield.



I cannot speak highly enough of the service Daz offers. He is totally professional and helped me overcome mobility issues with my lower back and shoulder. His attention to detail is second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.